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fri 25th july
off to lunan bay
heading down the road and i ain't got a clue what the sea is like (FOG) until i'm on it :)yahoo: get the boggy board out, surfs up man) a 2' tae 3' surf and the water is brown. well i'm there so go a head give it my best shot. 1st cast into a wee dab (no pic, camera still box) 4/5 casts later and into this flounder

4 hours of that surf and weed is enough for any man so headed home

bait lug tipped with macky

sat 26th july
meets up with grupa (haer,gezeal,mountian goat, god only knows as he's not human) and his friend (rickie) heads off to portlethen fished from 3pm till 12.30am to catch macky and coalies and for the goat, oops mountain goat to get this wee dab

bait as the like the day before

so off to my house for a kip

sun 27th july
off to stonehaven. (i picked the mark) and even if i say it myself a fecking good call
the 3 of us had between us 9/10 cod, macky, coalies and a dab. fished from 9am till 3pm, a fine day we had. here some of the catches
the goats fish oops mountain goats

his biggest at 1lb 12oz
lost pic

and other

my 8oz dab

my 1st wee cod

and my beast of the day at 2lb 14oz

the beast off the day was all most not to be as it came of the hook as i was lifting up the rocks to land on a ledge which was 10/12' below our feet not to worry the goat sprung into action (oops mountain goat) and off down the rocks (tied to me and rikie) billy your a star

with no aberbeen angus, porky pig, turkey or marshmallows bait was lug tiped with macky

a fecking good weekend with the company making it all the better

spot on grupa and rickie :thumbs:

where to go nexts

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after we let the 'old man 'udderman to go home for his afternoon nap ,[ he's not used to a 'wee ' bit exercise,] rich and i headed to the mackie mark to stock up on bait, then home , a really enjoyable weekend, with the reward of fresh cod for my tea tomorrow thanks to malky,,,
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