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hi guys, fished foreshore 2day. lower tide. didnt fancy a long walk, been doin it all week.3 of us opted for by the heliport. i didnt really fancy it, but my bro had 3 whiting, my mate 2 whit, and 1 pouty. i had 2 congers, 1o whities, and a pout. some nice size whit they were too. but no cod, still ive had 3 in a week, 3 other individual anglers fishing right by us, 1 had 3 whiting, the other had nothing, and a chap next 2 me, who i had a long chat with, had 3 whiting, and a codling of about a pound, which he returned,he was a long distance caster, using blak tipped with squid, he tied his bait on, but the codling down the shore havent been showing till the tide turns, and this chap i was talking 2 said the same. but it was a few hours out i guess. nice day weatherwise. i was bringing a big whiting in and a large conger grabbed it half way up the body, and ripped it 2 pieces, he hung on 4 ages, but let go when he realised i was pumping him in, i showed the bloke next to me, who laughed, i didnt think it was funny, cos i could av eaten that whiting, he was a tidy size, if he wasnt such a nice guy, i would have left him , lying there, hee hee. hope this info helps guys.......
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