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First off, HUGE thanks to everyone who has offered help/advise, and assistance, and an extra special huge thanks to Paul and Sean....

Paul, who says it as it is yet still manages to not "lose" it with me when I keep changing my mind, and Sean who put himself right out to take me down to the Marina and show me up close and personal a whole range of boats.. The MF 695 the Arvor 230, 215 and a whole host of others.. And of course all the rest who offered me help/advise even though I keep repeating questions.. (Nauti, Rob, Headlight and to absolutely everyone else)...

As previously mentioned, I took all the advise and when on the pontoon with Sean, appreciated the 695.. Nice boat.. Appreciated others as well, the Antares, the Beneteau etc etc... But when I stood next the the Arvor 230 even though it wasnt my boat I did smile...
When Sean said lets look at the 215, I really did think it was another 230 from the back and then the side...
Considering that in the main it will only be two, with a maximum of 3 of us on her, I decided it was to be either the 230 or the 215, with no real preference for either..

The turbo issue was a concern.. Especially when the one I went to see had had a replacement 2 years ago.. However Essex Boatyards removed many concerns when they said that VW had replaced any Turbo which has issues even on boats that are out of warranty...

I was happy with that..

Saw a 215 local to me (Pompey) and it ticks all the boxes... Windlass, Deck Wash, Porta Poti (Missus) and running water with small sink..
Compact, but I will have no hesitation staying out on her overnight, and plenty for me to fiddle about with making it personal.. (Stereo, search lights etc etc).

1 owner from new and I was impressed with the guy.. He has kept her in very nice condition and answered all and any questions.. Took her for a quick trial and now out of the water being anti-fouled, new anodes etc..

Deposit being paid tomorrow and the deal will be finalised within 3 weeks.. (Hopefully sooner, but having a clean and tidy up and I will be getting a rope cutter to fit, and transfering cash.. :) and it needs to go back in the water etc..

It has the 100hp VW engine in it, and hoping to get 14 - 15 knots cruising, and maybe 20 flat out... About 50% less than I was getting in my old boat, but hopefully a lot more comfortable now...
(And less thirsty on the fuel)..

But in true form and fashion I have a question...

Rope cutter....

Is there a preference? I have seen on auction site a disc cutter in two halves, which you clamp on.. circa £95... any good??

Anyone suggest a reasonable rope cutter at a reasonable price please??

Fingers crossed it will be completed before 3 weeks, as already wanting to get out...

Cheers and Thanks again..


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Hi Dave,
great news, and great feeling isn't it? I couldn't stop smiling for weeks!!

You'll have to PM me the marina and I'll nip down and we can have a look.

Send snowyfishing a PM, he has a rope cuter on his 250 and it saved his bacon last month!!

So, when we go'in after those coddies? :1a:

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I have the disc type on mine. Worked perfectly when;

1. Drove over my own mooring pick- up rope. (Doh!)
2. Drove over my OWN lobster pot rope ( double doh!)

Highly commended for clumsy, blind skippers!
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