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If you want to learn to cast properly, you won't need thumbguards with a multiplier, but you might if you are a fixed-spool user. Technique and timing, and far less effort will give the same distance as a mighty heave accompanied by grunting and grimacing. For the disbelievers, I still offer free sessions on Saturday afternoons on Goodrington sands, providing I haven't been already booked by the NFSA, S&TA or the E.A. for one of their events. In summer, when the sands are polluted by holidaying visitors, I do Monday evenings at the same venue, until someone makes a bad cast into the saloon bar and we out of courtesy have to go retrieve it!
You will need to bring rod, reel, line, leader, weights, rodrest, wellies and a willingness to try something different.
If you want to come along just to watch, you are welcome to do so.
To check whether there is a session, PM or phone on 07803080284 the day before. Remember, this is aimed at those struggling, not those who can already crack the 190 yard +, and want to show how good they are.

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