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Went to a mark on North coast Friday for bottom of the tide. Targetting Bass on Lug. While casting 80 yrds into the sea, I was letting out 180 yrds of line into the wind and up the coast. Conditions were so windy the surf was rolling miles up the beach and it was difficult to pitch a safe spot. Baits were getting buried in the strong tide under so much sand I couldn't pull my breakaway leads free. I don't mind losing gear, but not on a sandy beach! Gave it an hour and a half and went home decidely p*ssed orf. Half a bottle of Red wine.
Went to a popular mackerel mark further down the coast on Sat afternoon and hooked into a dozen or so mackerel....which were systematically pulled off by the resident seal. managed to 'speed reel' one mackerel to the shore - with the seal in clear chase just below the water line. Makes for great entertainment to the 'walkers' who frequent the spot. The chap next to me lost a similar ammount of fish. After the obligitory couple of hours, went home. Four bottles of Carlsberg.
My final pass out of the weekend starts at 8.00 pm tonight. Hoping it will be third time lucky...
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