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Friday 1st June

Left the Marina at BRADWELL, at 8 am, with Westycodling and Cliff for company and got to admit I went straight down to the South East which is Ron’s and Kris’s Manor, but I knew that neither of them were about so while the cat’s away and all that we made hay.

and we did in a great way, at first the bite was dead slow but as the day went on it got better, A LOT BETTER
We boated about nine female hounds all about 12/15 lbs, and in the shallow water we were in the ran like torpedoes.

we got a bit carried away and let the tide go for far too long and then somebody said “I WANT TO WATCH THE England match, can we go home now?, only problem was that we would be lucky to scrape back into the Marina, but we just managed it even though it was a bit agricultural.
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