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GAC oct fish of the month

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Hi folks, Ive entered my new PB coley at 18.5lb in glasgow angling centres fish of the month comp. I know its not the biggest thats been caught recently and if the recent big turbot gets entered then ive even less chance of winning but it would be great if you guys could help me at least get a few likes and shares on board. Ive sent the pic a couple of times but thry have not posted it yet!!?? Hopefully it will get put up soon as im already over 100 likes behind the pike and perch thats up now. as its been said before, we canna have a freshie beating a saltie can we! so come on folks please please please get around to liking this for me. once GAC get the picture posted that is! not looking for any sympathy likes but its been a hell of a year for me and my trip to shetland which included this coley really did help cheer me up and it would mean a lot to me to at least do quite well with this. thank you all in advance:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
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will happily oblige, although ah dont know about the bit about the saltie beating a freshie...LOL
lol, theres no sign of my picture yet anyway. GAC havent posted it yet although theres 6 other photos up already. I sent mine in last friday and again yesterday so maybe they think im not bonnie enough to grace their website:g:
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