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Got the chance to get down to Anglesey today so started off at Gallows Point.
got there at 05:30 ( 1 hour before low tide ), pitch black and almost got my car stuck in the sand as i tried to park on the beach.
after finally getting my car out of the soggy sand, parked up outside Malcoms and headed down to get my lines wet.
20181010_062503 (1).jpg

Pitch black and with images of unseen footsteps and voices ( post i saw somewhere on here about gallows ) i ventured on with a pulley pennel baited with asda`s finest squid.
Thankfully for my sanity i had my first catch within 5 minutes ( ghost story told of a voice saying " you wont catch tonight" )
not sure if this was a bull huss or just another doggie as i could hardly see and it was covered in silt when i went to unhook it.

If it was a huss it was a small one but id rather belive that than just another doggie.
Sticking to the pulley pennel and squid i continued pulling doggies out around every 20 mins or so, at least the rod was bending.
Sunrise came and made the whole trip down from Warrington worth while.

Although all i managed to pull out was more doggies, at least the day wasnt a blank and the rod kept on bending on a regular basis.


stayed here till 09.00 (2.5 hours after low ) then headed to Malcoms for some worms.
drove over to Moelfre just to see that the current was ripping boulders from the sea bed so gave up before starting there.
headed back to beaumaris but the weather had beaten me at this point, its the middle of October so i was dressed for winter weather, it was absolutely boiling. Not wanting to get heat stroke i called it day, 9 doggies and MAYBEE a huss, not a bad mornings line wetting at all.
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