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Garmin Bluecharts

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Hi folks,
I have got a garmin gpsmap 176c handheld chartplotter, it uses the bluechart cartridge which are no longer available. I have done a bit of searching and it seems that using something called mapsource and a card programmer its possible to download the charts onto blank cartridges, has anyone got any experience/knowledge of doing this.

Thanks Bert.
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Yeah it can be done, I used to do all mine when I trailed around the country, I kept a couple of spare cards to load the maps onto for the region I was going into.

You will need map source bluechart on your pc (that's the difficult bit)
A card reader and a card.

When I sold my plotter I think I sold all my cards, probably still got the reader lying around somewhere though
Not had experience of Garmin BlueCharts, but I know a lot of them use proprietary cards where the serial no of the card is ingrained into the software so it is almost impossible to transfer charts from one card to another.
This is certainly the case for more recent chart cards such as the Navionics ones.
Not a bad thing I suppose, as it stops one person buying and then distributing to all their mates for free. They've gotta support the innovations and updates somehow I suppose.
Sorry I can't be of more help.
Your bang on right, but the old garmin charts could be erased with the reader and map source and re-written.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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