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Just thought I would put this in, credit where credit is due
I ordered some tackle from a tackle shop, and recieved what I thought was the wrong order.
Turns out it was my fault :oops:
Having a bit of a paddy after not getting what I ordered a couple of times recently (not all fishing stuff). I sent an email to the shop and one to gemini complaining.

After a couple of emails I recieved a packet of each of the booms I was after free of charge from Gemini (completely of their own back) :clap1;,

As for the takle shop, they apologised although technically it wasn't their fault, and agreed to swap them for what I wanted.
I have posted the stuff back to them, I am just waiting for the replacement to turn up.
Maybe I should have done it the other way round :blink:
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Well done Tozer, You should name the shop they sound like they deserve it as usually they only get bad feedback.
Well done Tozer, You should name the shop they sound like they deserve it as usually they only get bad feedback.
Agree very good idea
Nah it is my fault, it goes back 2 years now. The long story below sort of explains.

I love the gemini clip down booms. The first 2 orders I made with the shop I got what I was expecting: the ones with built in bait clips so they can be all clipped down. Same again, then I just got a pre made rig, fair enough I figured I must have ticked the wrong box.
Then the next lot came through came with the SRT springs, beads and crimps but no built in bait clip, I sent an email but didn't get a reply. Then this time I got the same agian and got a bit pieved leading to the above.
I didn't realise though gemini do two versions, one with and one without the built in clips.
I couldn't see the point in having one clipped down boom with one snood on the rig. They may as well be flappers and just use beads and crimps.
So after having this exlained to me, gemini sent though the ones I wanted, but not the full order I had placed with the tackle shop (they didn't have to).
And the shop agreed to replace them, so I posted what I had ordered back to the shop, they said it would take a week or 2 to get the stock in, so I am waiting on it now.
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