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Bradwell report 9th August 2009-08-09

Got up early today and Steve and I met Alan (ROKER 1) at the boat at 6-55am, we took no time at all in getting out of the Marina and off at 16 knots in a Easterly direction again, got to yesterday’s mark in about an hour, and straight away at the death of the ebb we had two hounds at the same time

Blimey that was quick!! We are going to be in for great one today, WRONG!!
Nothing more during the slack water and when the flood started, well we knew Lynford was quick but this was (9.4 stuff, forgot the lads name) we did not stand a chance. We moved due North about 2 miles, any further and we would have needed deck chairs and funny hats, but at least the tide was more civilised. Now this were it gets interesting we Pouting, whiting, codling, bass, thornback, eel, all on squid, and all in about 18 feet of water.

We returned all but the Bass, and one Codling, but it was busy, until high water, when we decided to give it best and head for home. Thanks for the sausages Alan

I decided not to show the pouting, due to the finger looking angry and it may upset some people.
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