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<font color='#000000'>As a "Mature Student" enjoying learning about this sea fishing lark, just bought my first muliplier reel of ebay, what knot do I use to attach the line to the reel and any other comments in this are would be appreciated, Cheers, Tony.

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<font color='#810541'>Tony, It isn&#39;t really going to matter about the knot to join the line to the real because you arent likely to see it again until you change the line. &nbsp;Position the knot so it is in the centre of the spool (helps spool balance).

What type of reel is it ? As a newcommer you will need to set it up properly (ie so it is running slowly) to reduce the risk of overruns. &nbsp;Mention the reel make/model and no doubt we can offer appropriate advice.

Irrespective of make/modle, If you are new to multipliers then I would suggest keeping the line level quite low to begin with until you have had chance to learn a smooth casting technique and built up confidence &nbsp;A full spool will be more difficult to control and more prone to birds nests during the inevitable bad casts you will have while learning.</font>
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