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Giller Thriller

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I think I am going to buy a Penn Giller Thriller 16lb. Anyone else use this rod could tell me what they think of it?

I cant get a good pic of it online, what way is the butt set up, it looks like an uptider stlye butt is this the case?

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My mate has had one for years, I just spoke to him about it and he says that it is incredibly 'tippy' so not suitable for casting/uptiding really.

He was less than complimentary about the quality of the rings, apparently they discoloured very quickly, also the butt was quite stocky and the reel positioning was no good for casting.

There again it was built as a lure rod so its not designed for casting/ uptiding.

His is retired to the shed, I guess its about 7 years old and since then there may have been upgrades to the newer models, hopefully improvements.

I know someone who has used theres for a lighter uptider with 2-5oz leads. Part of what Jon says is right though as they are a very tippy rod which means that they have limited casting power and will fold in stronger tides.
The lad in question did replace it with a Abu Suveran 4-8oz though. The Giller still sees occasional use though as a second pollock rod.
It's called a Giller Thriller because it was designed for light gilling, NOT uptiding.

I use the Giller Thrillers for wrecking with lures and also for any light to medium bottom fishing and have found them ideal for that, but they are not designed for casting. I have had a problem with tip rings not lasting and the rings getting discoloured though. Maybe a small redesign may be in order?
need the tippy action to absorb the lunges of pollack and coalfish.
at the risk of starting a heated discussion, wouldn't a through action absorb lunges better than a "tippy" action ?

In fact, if you are not careful with drag settings, are you not more likely to snap off with a tippy rod ?
Is it held under the arm like an Uptider? Cascars how old is yours? I believe the latest ones are a new design. Maybe these issues are sorted.

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