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Girvan Marks

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anybody know any decent marks in the Girvan area. Was going to head to Black Neuk on Sunday. Does anyone know this area? if so can you tell me what its like (deep water, rock mark, etc) or where might be better.

any tips, marks, info appreciated.

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I was on my first fishing trip down that way last weekend, although not much luck (a few wrasse) thats probally more to do with my fishing skill than good marks. there was a chap fishing of the end of the short peir / harbour wall with a bit of luck in Girvan, but i went a little further to the rinn of galloway by stranraer, there are good mark all around that part of the coast and a very helpfull fishing shop in Ardwell. Although the drive along the coast road holds lots of possible spots by the look of it, good luck........
Thanks Paul.B. ill take a wee drive down and see whats about.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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