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I'd booked the day off to go shooting today but it got cancelled so what better way to spend a day of gale force winds and squally showers than to do a bit of LRF?!

It was hard going as you can imagine and the water was varying between the colour of coffee and pea soup.

Had to revert to the Gulp! as I couldn't get a tickle with anything else and managed to winkle out a couple of Blennies and a crab before I'd decided that was about all I'd get and started to head back to the car.

On the way back I spotted a little gap in a couple of boulders that I thought might hold a little Blenny or 2.

Anyway, after 14 Blennies and a ballan wrasse in the space of an hour, I ran out of water and decided that was about enough Blennies for one day!

I was amazed at how many fish were gathered in such a tiny area.

I've no idea if I've managed to attached photos properly but had tried to include one of the spot where most of the fish came from.

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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