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interested in how to tackle this species.

what are the best baits.

trace type.

snood size & poundage

hook size.

grip or plain leads

is best to hit the bites, hold the rod etc etc

any info gratefully received,

thanks :)
a number of years back now we used to get goldies all the time, well summer months usually august and september were the real bonnanza months but they were around from about may time but were a bit elusive to catch...
baits.... most deffinately red rag or maddies although you would catch a few on whites from time to time..
traces or rigs .... two hooks up one hook down in other words two hooks patternoster style and one hook fished below the lead as in flowing trace..
snood line.... pretty light generally 10- 12 lb..
leads.... in the right conditions it had to be a plain lead , so that a slight bit of movement could be acchived..
just plonk the rod on a rest and wait for um to have it , cos if there in a taking mood youll no all about it ..
they go nuts especially when you get two at once , be sure to bring um in carefully as its easy to bump um off .... one lat bit the hooks sizes should be a 4 or a 6 kamasans b940,s there a small short shank hook,they used to be the kiddys.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts