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The plan was to go fishing at Eastney of the beach, seeing as me old man had just brought I new beach caster he wanted to give it ago, but because it was such a lovely day and the sea was dead flat, he decided to take the little boat out. Still launched at Eastney we set off to fairway boy to do a bit of mackerel fishing. We had 3 rods each and it was the first time I ever used a multiplier which was on one rod, but was good fun and I didn’t make any birds nest :bounce:

So we where drifting along bobbing up and down our rods until I felt something pull hard, I reeled it in and yes I new species for me I caught a red gurnard… and yes I caught it with my mackerel feathers what are the chances, my dad said that’s really strange he never seen gurnards caught like that before. But how ever I caught it I was over the moon that’s my 5th species this year well I should say this last two months as I have only just started to fish again.

After that things went a tad slow only catching the odd mackerel on there own, I only got one my dad got three. Well we decided enough was enough as are arms where starting to ache and there where no big shoals of mackerel about, we decided to head towards the submarine blocks, fishing with rag, squid and mackerel. We was only catching bream, not any of them a good enough size to keep, but I must have caught about 7 which kept the excitement going. But I’m still searching for my big bass; I know you are out there somewhere. Well I still got a few squid, rag and mackerel left, so I hope to fish some point in the week during the night to capture it. Just need some transport ahh.. :cry:

Anyway I had a really good day out with my old man, I tired him out though but a big thanks goes out to him

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