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Hi all, just want to start by saying well done to all who got fishing last week and caught fish, :thumbs: and if you did'nt well hope you had a good day out anyway. :clap:
I myself along with my two sons headed for Granton on Saturday, checked and high tide about four, so arrived about twelve thirty, already plenty of other anglers there. Walking up asked how's it going one guy said already had five, encouraging , :icecream: found a spot just past the corner and started, two of us spinning and one bait fishing using "Gulp" :yawn: . Saw lots of fish getting caught mostly to chuck and pull method, so gave a trace to Richard who soon after had pulled in two good sized ones, myself and Mark carried on spinning and then Mark was in, then again, getting chuffed off not getting any myself spotted a gap back down wall where some fish coming ashore so headed there to give it a try, :nono: soon realised why gap was there, young chap about twelve just learning, cast every where but seaward, :nono: twice over my line, parents looked too busy themselves to stop and teach him so I did not interfere. So before getting it in the neck literaly, went back to where started and was rewarded with my only fish of the day, meanwhile Mark continued to catch and took home three, did not really want more as would be wasted. Richard took his two also. :icecream:
Heading homeward about six thirty saw a couple of anglers had carrier bags stuffed full with mackeral, hope they had good use for them, and not just taking for trophies, all in all had a good day. Still anglers continued to arrive, even as tide going out, hope they had as good a day as we did. :fishing:

PS please dad's and mums good to see young one's being encouraged but please for safeties sake take time to teach your children properly and if you don't know then just ask, If I had been would have been glad to help. :thumbs:
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