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This week we decided to head back to the sea , the big open space , the elements . The weather was just about right and we added new faces to our little group . Safety in number we headed to the sandy beach .
ARD 12.jpg

A bit fresh . Enjoy the video .
With tides and wind against us staying affloat was our main concern . Not an easy day's fishing but still .
ARD 2.jpg

The drift was really fast at time , cold and wet I managed a couple .
ARD 3.jpg

Staying affloat in hard conditions .
ARD 7.jpg

ARD 5.jpg
We stopped for lunch . A wet day !
ARD 8.jpg

Time to head back .
ARD 9.jpg

low tide .
ARD 10.jpg
Kept one for all our effort . Tight lines all .Nico
ARD 11.jpg

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Great session in some challenging conditions. Nice pollack too. This can be a good time of year to find some bigger ones in the area. I’ve had double figure pollack there in April.
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