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Was planning on heading to Mundesley but heard reports of weed causing problems
so we decided to head to Gorleston beach we fished well to the right of the wreck.

Had both rods in the water by 8.00pm
Clipped down Pennel 3/0 on one rod.
2 hook Flapper size 1 on the other.
Both baited with fresh lug.

Fished the Pennel at long range and the flapper at medium distance.

No weed and a bit of swell on the sea

Was pestered all night my Pin yting soon as the bait hit the water they would be on it (dont think a single cast was in the water for over 5mins max all night) Only had 3 casts all night when i reeled in without anything on the hook and that was at slack water.
Seemed a bit better on the down as a few tiny codling began to show and the pins eased off a bit (but only a bit)

We fished until just after 3am as ran out of bait.

I ended up with -
50 + Pins (approx (Gave up counting after 30))
7 Tiny Coddling averaging about 20cm each

My Brother and m8 had
Similar amount of pins each
9 coddling + 8 Coddling (same average size)
and 1 rockling

So out of 6 rods we had
24x small Coddling
Approx 150 +/- Pins
1 Rockling

Not a bad night just want something bigger that i can take home but at least we was kept busy all night.

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It's not all bad, the last time this many codling were around locally in January/February was 2005, which produced some of the best cod/codling sport of the last 20 years in 2007-2009.
Fingers crossed hey.
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