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Gourdon , Scotland , Boat
Weather: Overcast , North wind ,
Bait:Lugworm , Mackerel , Squid , Mussel,Razor
Fish Caught: 3

We arrived at Gourdon 30 mins before boat was due to leave to meet up with 2 anglers from Anglersnet & mates.

We headed north from harbour first drift Brian caught the first codling,Followed by another from another on boat then everything went quiet , we only had 1 codling per drift seems the east coast is still the same just now usually the summer cod is in by now.

It took me 2 hours to catch my first and another 2 to catch my second.

The last trip of the day seen approx 5 codling being caught.
During our trip 12oz of lead wasn't holding the bottom.
The anglersnet anglers were Sportsman - Dave , Arthurcodsbody - Matt
total fish for the boat = 20
Stonehaven on the 17/06/05 heres hoping
1 - 2 of 2 Posts