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Gower in March?

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I will be staying at Rhossili at the beginning of March. I'd be grateful for any advice on what tackle to bring, where to fish and what I might expect to catch. Any info will be appreciated! Thanks.
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llangennith/rhosilli beach , i would expect flounders to be making a return to the beaches especially there and schoolies will be about to make up the fun. running ledger or two hook flapper and harbour rag ,razor on a bass rod or your beachcasters will suffice
Mostly light tackle with maddys a killer bait for flats bass mullet. From low water up on small mid tides in the dark much better for bass.if u wana try the island at Burry homes crab bait in gullies go in daylight bit dodgy in dark
And check the times for crossing to & from the islands at either end of the beach - don't try and wade/swim if you get trapped on them !
All very good information . The whole area is very popular with local anglers and most post their catch reports on here so you can use them as a good guide plus check the sticky thread about conditions very good upto date info on there. If the weather stays mild I would like to think the bass will be around early looking for crabs and fry so some of the rock marks will be worth a try with lures and peeler crab. DON'T attempt these:) rocks marks especially Worm's Head without some local help ,there are quite a few guys on here who could show you around if you give them some notice when you're thinking of going . Hope this all helps.
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Thanks for all the advice, sounds like I'll be packing the bass rod and leaving the beachcaster at home!
As said above, scratching rigs and baits such as worm and razor. You may even be lucky with a spring gower plaice at distance .
Thanks for all the advice. I had to fish around family activities and only managed an afternoon on the beach at Port Eynon on Saturday. I was advised to move along to Horton which I did. There were three other rods fishing there, but I did not see any fish brought to the beach. I must mention the two guys in Basstastic who sold me the bait, they were very helpful and I wish my local tackle shop had as good range of kit as well laid out to view. Back home now and hoping for a run of spring cod on the east coast - I'm fed up with pin whiting!
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