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fished graslot again today from an hour before low to 2 hours after high.
i stayed so long because there was loads of fish swimming all along the beach,some in schools about 150-200yds out,others not 20ft from the waters edge and there was some decent fish among them too,try as i might i couldnt get them feeding,no matter what i tried.
anyway had a small schoolie for the day so i got what i went for!!
that was caught on blow lug,velvet FIGHTING crab and white rag.


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Them velvets are HARD id swear if i could lip read there saying " come and get me " when ur crabbing......
............... are they the rough looking ones with the tattoos all spelt wrong on their pincers:laugh::crazy::laugh:

Well done Ajacks it was a result but ain't it frustrating when you can see 'em but not hook 'em!

Tight lines:)

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that velvet today,he was snapping them nippers at me faster than mike tyson and he was a big bugger.if he,d latched on it wouldnt alf had made me eyes watter.
i got im out of his hole by poking a thin rock at him.SNAP!and out he came!lol!
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