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great yarmouth advice!!!

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hey peep's how's everyone doin i know its a bit late in the year now for hounds but have heard that yarmouth pier was good for them during spring and early summer and im well after one lol and am just askin for any advice on fishing the venue many thanx in advance
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Hi Russ
sadly no piers left to fish off in Yarmouth... Britannia closed to anglers, Wellington long gone, Yarmouth South pier... no access and the Jetty is almost at the edge of the tide range.
Closest pier now is on Gorleston side of the harbour and is very snaggy at the end.
If its hound you want, there have been a few this year caught by local long casters using fresh crab bait. But they seem to have disappeared recently.
Bass, flatties and a few eels is your most likely bet and if its a spring tide it will be weedy on the North beach and parts of the South.
Catches recently have been poor but with the stir up we are getting this should improve daily.
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