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Great Yarmouth North Beach - Report - 06/05/07

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Great Yarmouth North Beach Caister End

Fishing from 15:00 till 19:00 with low tide at 18:00 approx

Occasional bright sun with a strong westerly gusts
Weed was a problem until low tide but various small fish caught mainly dab and whiting. Low tide came and immediately codling 45cm, 36cm, 35cm one after the other (all returned)

All came on Lug (rag had gone off poor storage on my part)

Count Summary
10 codling (3 sizeable), 8 dab (4 sizeable), 7 whiting (3 sizeable), 2 Weever.

No Bass this week - Two weeks ago I caught 6 schoolie bass at the same location similar tide.

Beginning to like this venue again
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Nice one Kevin. as Yarmouth North was one of my favourite spots during the 70's and 80'svand has appeared to be almost barren of sizeable fish for some time I would be interested to know which spot you fished, how far out and how much gear you lost.
You only ever catch when I'm not with you :unsure: Who is the unlucky one ? You should rename yourself rodbuster:)

Cheers mate

I too had thought it barren of sizeable fish that is until the last couple of months. It seemed only ok for the juvenile fish. I have changed tactics now to only fishing the late ebb until low and maybe 1 hour up. 1 rod close in (very close in) which misses the worst of the weed and seems to be where the bigger fish patrol. 2nd rod big bait cast as far as pos (which is not far for me), this always picks up weed and the tide run (heavy weight is required) so I tend not to leave out for long. The crabs this year are also huge compared to last year and give a cracking bite. Cromer eat your heart out.

The beach has changed dramatically since last year far more than the past two years in my opinion and may have something to do with the recent improvement in the fishing. I also have not seen the netters for a while. Also maybe the wind turbines are now having an effect with the environment.

I own a caravan at Seashore literally 30 yards from the beach so has become a easy venue for me to fish with a couple of beers and food just a shout away.:clap2:

Last session lost 1 set of gear to the weed
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You only ever catch when I'm not with you :unsure: Who is the unlucky one ? You should rename yourself rodbuster:)

Cheers mate

Its easy to fish venues you know wellish - we seem to always be trying new venues at different times - I am sure we will crack it soon. rodbuster is a good suggestion and rather apt.
I had my best ever bag of cod last hour of ebb 1st hour of flood on a nite tide (mind you that was back in December 1985) 16 cod, smallest 5lb + largest just over 15lb not bad for a 3 hour stint. All fish were on lug, 4ft long trailer size 5/0 hook about 60 yds out. Spot was 30yards to left of coast guard lookout (just at the start of the seashore holiday camp)!. God I wish those fishing times would come back. Also had some cracking bags of pan sized dabs during July and August until the mid 90's then the fishing totally died.
Was you using the dvice thing again Kev, didn't get a close look the other day, what do you make of em ?
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