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Well. Another session of nothing.
About 5hrs at East india Friday before lunch till 5pm.
2 baited rods 1short cast 1 long. Left over lugs with mini squid and bluey with squid. I did get a few little taps and my last cast something lifted the rig and brought toward shore and dropped it 15 yards out. Away with the squid n bluey the was elasticated on. Not a thing other than that.
Also had spinning rod with silver n blue lure with swapping to sabiki rig along the way. Even a small dexter didn't entice any interest.
Must have been there over an hour another guy pull out big rig wi feathers an 3 mackies on first cast. Few casts later another 1. Then he blanked till he left.
Must have been about a dozen guys at peak and never noticed anyone else catch anything.
Demoralised to say the least.
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