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went out again last night after the hound.
no crab but did find two very big tiger prawns in the freezer and a box of squid.
got to chosen venue at dead low ,first cast with tiger prawn , pull over but guess what it was?
no it wasn,t a hound it was a codling about 1 1/2lb.
didn,t expect that, took tiger prawn.
first fish ever on a prawn new one to me.
another cast resulted in nowt but that was on squid.
next cast out with the prawn and fish on this time a hound of good size.
had it in to nearly half way but slipped the hook damn.
on inspecting the hook it had slightly strightend 3o viking.
never mind you win some you lose some.
by this time the best of the flood had passed and went very quite.
left at 8.45pm but wasnt to disapointed as i had a bit of fun.
1 lost hound .
and 1 codling.
till next time.roamer.

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nice one roamer prawns are a good bait i had 2 hounds and loads of doggies on brands bash last year all on prawn tight lines
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