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Guinea Bissau guided trip dates

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Hi there

just in case anyone fancies at trip out to the island , here are this seasons dates and availabilty. These are all personally guided by me . Pretty much all 10 day trips with 8 days fishing and cost about £2500 pretty much everything included.

Oct 22nd 1
nov 19th 3 spaces 1boat
nov 25th 3 spaces
Dec 6th 6 spaces 2 boats

Feb 9th 3 spaces 1 boat
feb 16th 1 space
feb 25th 1 space

Mar 18th 5 spaces - Now Full

email me if you need any more details

[email protected]
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Hi Richard, looking forward to joining you on Nov 10....just out of curiosity, what currency do you suggest taking?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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