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As planned 3 of us fished the Grim Wall last night and it turned out to be a good few hours, apart from the tropical downpour.

The plan was to meet at 7.30pm at St Stephens Ave and head over the wall fishing up to 11.00pm. I was running late so a quick message to Bob (couchy) and Hughie to let them know.

At around 8pm I arrived on the wall and was met by Hughie to drive my gear down to the mark. Rods set up and in the water we all gathered around the base camp, Hughie’s car boot!

I opted for a 1 up 1 down rig with size 4 hooks and a couple of luminous beads with some week old worm I had left over from the weekend.

I was first in with a small codling

Hughie quickly followed with a Dab

Rods re-baited and back in the water the heavens opened and the tower quickly disappeared as the rain turned to hail. This carried on for a while and the 3 of us stood there getting a good soaking and asking eachother who’s bloody idea this was??

Once we were suitably soaked, the skies cleared and we got back to the fishing. I had another codling and Hughie was in with another Dab.
Bob, fishing the Grim for the first time, was still fishless. That soon changed as he reeled in a nice little codling around 29cm that took quite a liking to the squid he was using

Hughie was getting some good bites but nothing would take the hook.

Bob continued to catch and reeled in a few more codling that I think were all taken on squid.

I had a few more fish with most casts bringing in one or two fish each time. I ended up with 5 codling, 3 whiting, a flounder and a dab.

Apart from the rain and hail it turned out to be a nice few hours out. Sorry about the photo’s my phone was soaked!!


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