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Hair rig

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Am currently making these to try as a quasi dongle rig. More like a hair rig.
300 lb braid. The small loop is a noose type knot that will tighten on the hook.
big ones are for fish and squid baits small ones are for prawn or worm sausage.
fishing Sunday.
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Be careful you dont lose it ! Will you hook the bait or are you using "bait weight". Ive had a few dongles come back baitless. Ive learnt to hook the bait then cut off the surplus just above the hook then elastic the f*ck out of it lol . Hope you have great success bud 馃憤.
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Hi @brolly . Hope your well buddy, not seen you for ages.
Those "hair rig / dongles " look as good as any others I've seen.
There are plenty of other examples in Let's all do the Dongle ....
We all have different ideas with them. Perseverance with what ever takes your fancy is the key. Once you've had a few fish on them the confidence will follow and I'm sure you'll be converted, like many others
Good luck buddy 馃憤
Nice to see you posting again brolly, hope all is well with you and your family.
Looking forward to reading your catch report . (y)
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