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Date: 9 September 2011
Venue Fished: Halfpenny Pier, Harwich
Start Time: 8pm
Finish Time: 11.30pm
Species: Whiting
Fish Caught: 10
Best Fish: Unknown all undersized
Bait: Mackerel, Herring, Squid
Sea State: As a witches!
Weather Conditions: Balmy, bright, gentle breeze
Sizeable: Zac
Undersize: 10
Tide State: HW @ 10.50pm

Your Report

Original plan was to meet Alan K with Bri at Great Yarmouth, however anyone who has met my brother (Tippers) may or may not know that around 2 years ago he was severely hampered with arthritis, and anyone who had seen him recently would be absolutely shocked to see him, as the condition which started in his feet, and quickly spread throughout his joints, which has seen him barely able to walk, let alone go fishing.

Well Tippers has been given a new form of drug, the first dose he had about 10 days ago, and the short term results have been tremendous, enough to get him to ask me when I was next fishing Harwich, as he thought he could come along too.

Anyone, without rambling on too much, I decided to change venue, not so much for the expectations of catching much, but for the chance for Tippers to get out in some fresh air!

And to top it all, my young nephew Zac, (Aged 6) asked if he could come, and anyone who has met Zac will tell you, never ever sits still and is a constant whirlwind!

I picked them up from Tippers house in Tiptree, Tippers excited about getting out again, and Zac, going on about how he was going to "catch a stingray Uncle Alan" with both of them beaming from ear to ear (Or was it from there to there??)

Arrived at Halfpenny Pier around 7.30pm, and already 3 others where setting up for a session. Now myself and Tippers have fished here about 4 times before and with us and these 3, we are now on a 'packed' pier as the most we have ever seen was 5 anglers in total!

Zac is buzzing! So to keep him quiet I set him up first, with his own rod and reel I might add....a single hook flapper with a chunk of squid on, down the side, hoping he would catch crabs, which would keep his attention, and so he could get used to fishing.

Myself and Tippers used 2 hook flappers with herring strips and sat and waited.

By this time, and within an hour of starting the pier had 15 anglers all fishing...the locals must be in the know, I thought!!

Well Zac was reeling in every 30 seconds or so, shouting in his excitement "I saw my rod tip move Uncle Alan", so on each occasion I walk over to help him. Well the plan worked as he quickly caught 4 small crabs, and I guess from his reaction not only did everyone fishing the pier, hear him, so did half of Harwich I expect!!

Not much happening for me and Tippers at this point so the walks back and forth to assist Zac was welcome.

Around an hour to HW Tippers rod tip started to give it some, and even though it was difficult for him, he wound in the first fish of the day, a small very skinny whiting (I must say all of the ones we caught were very skinny). Zac now wanted his bait cast where his dads was as he wanted a fish!!

zac's tactics changed, a smaller hook was put on his line (See Bri, a tactic change from SteelY!!!) and I cast his line further out than just dropping it down the side.

Well whiting followed at regular intervals from then, 10 in total, 5 to Tippers, 4 to me..........................and with the loudness cheers of the night 1 to Zac.....

Now bearing in mind the anglers where fast leaving the pier because all the time we were catching we only saw one other fish landed...............wherever they had all gone too, would still have heard Zac as his excitement almost made me think he was going to burst!!

SO Zac in a 'field' of 15, some using 2 or 3 rods, out fishes them all..............welcome to fishing Zac, I hope the members here will read all this, as I reckon we have a future star in our midst!

And it didn't finish there, Bri called to see how we got on, Zac was straight into chat mode, telling Bri all about his night, then when we got home, his mum, not forgetting any neighbors within a 5 mile distance!!

Good to see Tippers out, I hope your not suffering any set backs, as I know your feet where starting to give you grief at the end.

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nice report mate, i remember when my grandad and uncle took me for the first time i was 10, i caught an eel but that was enough to get me hooked for life
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