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Hard Work Llangennith But Worth It 10th Aug

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Stayed in the Village Hotel in Swansea with my wife and daughter last night. So today, the plan was to drop the two off in Swansea for retail therapy, and sadly I get to spend the day on my own at Llangennith! :wiggle:
Picked up some maddies at Country Stores and parked at Hillend at 10:40am. Decided to walk towards Burry Holmes to see if the water clarity was any better, seeing as it was brown and full of weed at the stream.

Didn't cast for the first hour due to nothing happening on the mullet front. Stopped at the rocks at Burry Holmes for a drink. There was a fella fishing for bass here, but too far away to chat. Started walkong back towards the stream and straight away saw a fish surface; probably a bass. Casted nearby but nothing happened.
Made my way back to the stream but the water was still bogging. So again walked towards the Holmes, still with my bait out of the water! :bye2:
Got near the Holmes and tracked back to the stream once more. Still no signs of fish. 3 miles of walking and no fishing, no fish. :sad:
After a Pot Noodle stop at low water, I was hoping things would improve on the flood. Made my way past the billions of surfer types with the odd surfacing fish. No fish.
Ended up near the white house an hour into the flood and fish started appearing in about an inch of water. I thought they were tiny bass but still casted in their midst, just to avoid the blank. After about 10 minutes, I managed to hook one. It came off on the way in to the disappointment of the young couple gawping at me lol! Again, I hooked one, but lost it, still thinking they must be small schoolies.
Walking back towards the beach exit with my Mrs on the phone telling me to shift, I had a final cast (3:35pm) towards a few splashes about 5 yards out. Fish on, and this time it didn't get away. Much relief when i beached a golden grey of just over a pound. Caught on maddies with a simple paternoster, no swivel, size 6 hook, 1oz weight and my son's bendy 7 foot rod. Absolute magic! Well worth 5 miles of walking.

Only so much detail because Blueskip doesn't like it. Mind, I doubt he'll read it, cheeky git.
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A great read - nice pics Wtf Is the black mark in the first photo looks like a salmon leaping out the water to get its photo taken :)
Lol! It's some sort of wreck that surfaces on bigger tides.
(a) Caught a fish
(b) Got to the point
5 miles with those legs is nothing to you Privet about 50 paces, little wonder the odd couple were gawping at you, they were wondering what this lunatic was doing wandering up & down the beach with a childs toy in his hand.:huh:
They were in awe at the sight of a majestic fisherman. :fishing: Or was it the length of my legs....?:bye2:
ive caught quite a few casting blind now,just coz you cant see em dont mean they aint there ,and its a bait in the will however get a lot more if you spot them shoaling.great fun though.nice report squire.
Thanks, bassman. I guess I go fishing blind almost every month of the year, so a change in tactics for golden greys is a welcome one for me. A fortnight ago I had a lot more mullet fishing blind-ish, but then again, there were far more around and feeding better than today. I remember reading a report last year from someone saying that they saw loads of shoals, but the fish weren't interested; felt a bit like that today on the flood.
well supprised me m8,it was gin clear on sunday all the way upto the holmes.i didnt see many fish either but cast out blind and had a few.
good fun on light tackle aint they ,lol.
well done m8.
tight lines roamer.
Cheers, Jeff. It cleared up when the tide turned. Must have been the blow we had yesterday. Ooh err..
looks like there is a salmon leaping out in the first pic:fish:.
good report though:fishing::fishing:
Thanks, wyting. Did you see CM10's report about 'your' Morfa mark?
Great Report, & excellent photo's. :sun:
You are a gent, Puss! :fishing:
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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