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My mate wants to fish somewhere that the weed may be a bit less annoying(i do too) an he has been having a look and thinking about this place:

As you drive to the Shoreham West Arm and you follow the road around there is some parking on the left with some railings a little bit before the car park for the old fort/arm.

It is just at the end where the boats are moored and has groynes with beacons on the ends of them.

I was wondering if anyone has tried there before and was it any good.

Id ideally like to fish a shingle beach for a bass but i got annoyed after one cast on two rods in the week at the amount of stringy stuff on my line and my bait that i gave up.

Brighton beach looks to be producing a few bass lately so may head there if this place isnt up to it.

Any help greatly appreciated.:victory:
The area you are talking about is Soldiers Point, it throws up some good fish at times, can also be really weedy as well!
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