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Ive just had a good few hours fishing and filming down at Hastings Pier.
Its still a bit in the air as no one came to collect payment. Asking around I was told that its £5 a rod with the second for 3 quid. No one was fishing there but members of the public recon they have seen people all through the week fishing including weekends which was originally banned !

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.12.20.png
Now i think this is a flounder as it has the less pronounced lateral line.Like a numpty i didnt check if it was rough or smooth but the underside was pretty white So i dont think its a dab. I should really know the difference by now and its becoming a bit of a blind spot !
Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 20.51.20.png

I fished a couple of rods and used lug wrapped and live wrigglers as I’ve had some recent disappointment with the pealer crab.It doesnt fish as well as it does in other marks along the south coast.
Fishing the ebb- bights were slow but picked up once the tide got a bit of a shift on. Managed 3 Dogs a flounder…(or was it a dab) Again im useless as seeing the difference even though I’ve had all the help in identifying them !

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 20.51.57.png

Also had some Bass all undersize but nice to see. I use a simple rig that I now use exclusively where I don’t have to cast and I’ve put the link at the end for those that are interested.
The dogfish were obliging too so all in all a fun little session and managed some footage.
There are quite a few people coming up to talk on the pier which I like but I can under stand this putting people off. A lot of this has got a lot to do with there being nothing else on the pier save for some giant gold animals and one coffee shop.
So if you don’t like this attention its not for you.
You can watch the edited video on our youtube page here.

Like most of us i take away a lot of learning points. Ill bring a mat of some sort to stop me dropping small items throught the decking holes. Almost lost the carkeys at one point ! Also the distance i released the fish from isnt as long as it looks in the video due to way the wide angle lense works but maybe i will use the method of a grip lead lowered down with the spike in the gill cover ? Not sure about this.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 20.52.52.png

Anyone wanting the latest information ill try and update the comments at the bottom of the youtube video.Also on the new facebook group for Hastings pier.
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