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Hi guys

Landed a space out on the wild cat with a few guys who work with my uncle so i was chuffed to be going out, drifting for some big pollack and cod.

Everyone rigged up as we made our way out of the haven waterway and out passed the heads. Banter between what lures would work best started and there was a good mix of jelly worms of all colours, sidewinder lures, some opting for muppets and my weapon of choice to start off was a red redgill.

We fished in quite choppy conditions, there was mass amounts of spray coming up from over the reefs of the hats and barrels were the sea broke. First in was a chap to my left churchy, who was catching codling after codling on a rhubarb and custard sidewinder. Only a few were in size and made the haul bucket. As we were fishing over slack water there was little action, i had managed only 2 codling 1 in size within the first hour of fishing on my redgill.

Some of the boys around the other side of the boat were using feathers and landing mackerel/pollack and codling in good numbers.

The pool for the day was £70 as there was 7 of us fishing and my uncle rob took the lead with plenty of time to spare with a weighty looking codling.

I made the switch to hokkais, tronix black size 1/0 and i was catching 2 or 3 fish a drop :) I also had managed to get a pollack that looked like it could match my uncles codling so my hopes were high.

Time was running out and my arms were starting to ache, 3 codling of about 1.5 lb each had worn me out after a good scrap. Near to the end of the session I had one all mighty pull on my rod that resulted in 2 pollack, hell of a fight.

The pool was won by my uncle with a cod of 3lb 9oz and me second with the pollack of 3lb 6oz.

Highlight of the day was churchy reeling in a codling only to have it bitten in half on the side of the boat by a big and hungry looking tope. He pulled his snood over the side of the boat and all that was left was the head haha. Skipper Nick took a photo and I'll upload it if i get it from him. Was a big looking tope.

Thanks too Nick for a great day out.
Pollack made for excellent fishcakes.
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