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Have sandeels will travel

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Time to get back into this fishing lark. Hello to you. Has it really been so long?
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How do!

I'm going to start off nice and simple to ease my way back in. The good old running ledger and sandeel to bump around the sand and see what's there. I have a plan to smoke a few dogfish this year so would even be perfectly happy with them.
Cheers Aj. Got some plans to head down your way too a bit more often so will give you a shout.
Hello mate, yes - still in the same spot, although the chickens have moved to a different part of the garden. I'll send your boy down some chicken food if you like? Seem to remember he enjoyed eating it when you came up here.

Headed out yesterday for a couple of hours, but it was a bit rougher than I was expecting and the gear I took was a bit light. Just wanted to sit on a rock with a rod in my hand again really. Convinced myself I had a couple of bites but I suspect it was weed.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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