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Still a fair amount of wasted effort in the swings of some of the top casters. I think the swings can become more and more refined. Concentration on building up more and more resistance and compression in the rod . This energy build up will be more and more orientated by the big body muscles which are far easier to control.
The release of the lead [ hit ] will be far later in future swings . As was realised in golf some fifty years ago when the americans did away with the " HIT " altogether and led the world for many years with their massive driving distances and the rest of the world had to catch up.
It wasn't until the finest teachers in the states started to reveal their secrets to golf instructors in europe and our young tournament pro's went to study in america that the Tony Jacklins came about and started taking the americans on and beating them in their own back yard. The secret was subtle but made an enormous difference to the power and accuracy . The americans pulled the club and pulled it through the ball . This action looked slower and it was far more controlled and the ball travelled tremendous distances with seemingly less effort . To make the ball go further they would take even longer and lag the club longer " what was known at the time as the late hit ". Or comets tail.
The shaft would be compressed , bent , loaded to use three common phrases and all created by pulling continuously until the ball was well away. The Massive difference this side of the pond and in europe was that we pushed the club into the ball or threw it at the ball.
The difference was enormous ;- Pulling makes the big body muscles operate at their best and in a supremely powerful way. You can use your entire body when pulling something . They work at best when fully loaded. You have be infront of something to pull it.
Pushing or throwing can only be done from behind something and mainly uses the upper right quadrant of the shoulder and arm . The weight is usually stagnating back on the right leg and is the far weaker of the two movements.
So i expect that as the casting swing evolves ...the best protagonist's of the pulling action like big Danny and Andy Copping will be copied by many of their rivals . So many , however , try to emmulate their swings but without knowing what to copy . They often confuse substance with style . Take a closer look at the actions of both of these fine casters and you will notice that although they both vary in stature .... the overall effect from both of their swings is of a powerfull pulling action. :fishing:
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