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In case this gets swallowed up in the main thread & missed - posting as a seperate thread ...

Right people,

Just come back from my recce of Hayling.


No sign of anything that would prevent fishing, no machinery, no coastal work - no nothing - nil ! I think what Howie might have seen were some small diggers in a small compound in the Rails lane car park where they are building a new bit of the prom - away from the beach.

The only noticiable change was to the Eastoke end (opp end of the island to the Inn-on-the-beach) - where the prom has recently been cleared of shingle - all that has happened is it has been swept back onto the beach.

A few pics of the beaches for those who have not been before - taken this morning :

1. Beach from the fair looking towards the Inn-on-the-beach

2. Same spot looking East towards Eastoke

3. The Inn car park - note the pub on the right, the big 'Keep West sign on the left ...

4. The big sign you cannot miss - unless you are a windsurfer - note the yellow bouys under the sign whey have to head for ...

FISH TO THE LEFT (EAST) if the windsurfers are about

5. From the beach below the car park looking West - notice the groynes etc - where the Kite surfers hang out.

6. From the car park looking East ..

So as you can see - the beach looks in great condition, no signs of any major coast work, car parks are all open, the only problem this morning was this geezer .... but you could look at it the other way - he would only be there if there are fish about !

I did scour the sea with my special fish goggles and saw a shoal of 4lb Plaice, big shoal of Cod & half a dozen 10lb Bass !

To whet your appetitie - a nice Bass caught from the Inn !


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I am bringing a bloody great sack with me
For what? To put all the bunnies you want to hug into after Lockstock has squashed them all.


Centre-fold of Shrapnel Mag indeed.

It was a full blooded shot though.
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