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Hayling Island, Portsmouth, Chichster, Southampton areas!

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Hello all,

I'm a newbie to sea fishing, did a bit in North Wales while growing up, then joined the Army and now haven't done it for many many years! I'm a coarse match angler turned pred angler for Perch and Pike..... however with leaving the Army I have a lot more time and would love to sea fish, from piers and beach really. I know from match fishing that you buy cheap buy twice, but I don't know what cheap or expensive is in the sea fishing world. I'm going to part with my feeder fishing kit to allow me to spend a little more of sea fishing kit... I know the rod and reel are something I don't want to spend to cheap on, even if means just have a 1 rod and reel set up for now :)

I live in Ash, just outside of Aldershot so as the title says these will be the areas I will target... but in all honest I know NOTHING about these areas for fishing!!

Any info on rod and reel, and the named areas above would be fantastic!

Cheers for you time,

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By all means keep it fairly simple, but always try to "cover the bases," because one species will often save the day when another lets you down, or you let yourself down by fishing for it badly ! (Unless, of course, you are really targeting something which allows no distractions, such as mullet or large bass at night.)

For summer daylight sessions, research your mark and hit the high or low tide at dawn or dusk, whatever is appropriate for the spot, and in reasonably suitable weather conditions. Have a "best" beach caster and reel for whatever you are trying to reach at distance, and a second best set for close range - basic gear but not rubbish - and also a reasonable spinning rod matched to a good reel (abu etc), with a snap swivel for quick changes between lures, feathers and floats. Be prepared for the fish to behave differently and be in other places than you expect.

Doing this I have often had a good day on bream when mackerel failed to show, or scratched out a decent bass but nothing else, or saved the blank with pollock and scad, etc.

Good luck !
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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