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Hayling Island, Portsmouth, Chichster, Southampton areas!

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Hello all,

I'm a newbie to sea fishing, did a bit in North Wales while growing up, then joined the Army and now haven't done it for many many years! I'm a coarse match angler turned pred angler for Perch and Pike..... however with leaving the Army I have a lot more time and would love to sea fish, from piers and beach really. I know from match fishing that you buy cheap buy twice, but I don't know what cheap or expensive is in the sea fishing world. I'm going to part with my feeder fishing kit to allow me to spend a little more of sea fishing kit... I know the rod and reel are something I don't want to spend to cheap on, even if means just have a 1 rod and reel set up for now :)

I live in Ash, just outside of Aldershot so as the title says these will be the areas I will target... but in all honest I know NOTHING about these areas for fishing!!

Any info on rod and reel, and the named areas above would be fantastic!

Cheers for you time,

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I guess it really depends on how much you want to spend and are you going with fixed spool or multiplier reel?
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