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I'm heading out to Baja, backpacking down from San Quintin, through to Loreto, Mulege, Todos Santos.... perhaps heading over to the main land?
I've got 2 months so pretty much free to travel where ever.

I'm normally fly fish, but last time I was in Mexico I did a hand line fishing, Mexican style using a piece of pvc pipe with some mono line on it. I'd start out the day, catching sardines and then using them to catch Pargo's (red Snappers) and any thing that took bite, Big long silvery fish with long nose. I lived like this for a month on the beach and ate well every day. I was fishing on a sea inlet, so no surf to deal with.

SO with this trip I want to step things up a bit, I've been looking at some Shimano STC rods and was thinking of the Spinning rod or the surf master.

I'm very much a beginner, I love the time I spend fishing and would like to go out this time a little bit more prepared. If anyone could give me some advise about what rod to look out for, mono or braid? reel etc would really help me out...

Thank you for reading.


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Just google baja fishing, you,ll find loads of sites including a couple dedicated to fly fishing.
Wouldn,t you be better buying your gear over there so that if you break it you can get it sorted easily. It will probably be cheaper too.
Have a look at tackle tour .com to give you an idea of the type of gear they,re using over there.

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I've fished the coast around Cabo San Lucas a bit and the first time I went I was totally undergunned! There are some huge fish there to be caught from the shore, including various species of snapper, big sierra mackerel and of course some truly monstrous roosterfish (the biggest I've seen caught from the shore was a tad over 50lb!)
If I were going down that way again I'd take a heavy duty spinning rod or even a beefy bass rod, plus a beachcaster. Most of the fish I have caught or have seen being caught have fallen to big surface popper plugs or heavy spinners - something in the region of 75g to 150g (basically small pirks).
I haven't tried bait fishing there yet, but I'm sure it would be very effective. Make sure you take plenty of wire with you (or buy it there), everything has got lots of very sharp teeth.
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