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Heading up Sker later.

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I will be fishing Sker over low parking up about 1.30pm, on the rocks for 2pm.
Squid/snadeel/bluey/crab and lug for bait ( digging lug this morning). I will fish the rocks till it gets splashy then head over for the sole so if anyone wants to give it a go i will be parked up by the lecky substation on West Road about1.30 ready for the walk down. This time last year there were plenty of codling in the 2 to 3.5lb bracket up there, mainly in close on worm. Si
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Cheers Jon, just heading down to dig bait.4.20am
get some big baits out big bass around.mates of mine caught a 12lber last week but im not sure is it a lies or not but i heard some big bass being caught lately as its more colder in the deeps rather than shore so they need more shelter & especially your lugworm baits for food lol :p
7.00am and i got plenty of lug plus 20 or so nice big white rag for my hour and a half of digging.
It's a beautiful morning out there and hopefully the fish will show up today, not a breath of wind on Swansea beach and clear skies, looking good and a nice change from all that ORRIBLE weather we have been experiencing. Just checked the Rest Bay webcam and it's as flat as a witches t*t, lovely jubbly.
Good luck to all those hitting a bait out today.
where by is the electric station on west road? cant see it on google maps
wouldn't mind walking down with you ,just so i dont get lost
and getting some tips for sker of a local

good luck si,you know where i want to be but you know where im gona be. jeff

ps ,sh-- the bed again have you.
15 dogs and 1 small eyed, roger had a load of dogs and a strap, a few pollack, small bass and pout to my left.
Lovely day with loads of bites and sunshine, happy days.
Well well here you go u enjoy your day that's the main thing :)
Nice one buddy :)
Great day out and really liked the running report!
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