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I haven't been out as much as Id like this Xmas/N year period as I've had my folk over, yet the few times I've been out (mainly on the inflatable) the action has been non stop... The weather has been relatively calm for the most part and the temperatures high. This has kept the fish in shallow water (10-20m) and in attacking mood!
Soft plastics, metals and even the fly on some days, have provided plenty of decent sized pollock and some fat coalies. The fish tend to be shoaled up and it has been rather difficult to get through the 60cm size class, especially from the boat. My shore sessions have actually given the larger sized fish!
A few months back, shoals of codling made an appearance and raised my hopes for a more varied winter fishing, yet they seem to have moved off.
Cant complain though, as this has been one of the most productive winters so far!
Tight Lines all.
Photos HERE

And the videos.

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