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After my Boxing day bass and with the water temps still well up I was hungry for more today . Got to the mark and terns going mental in a particular spot , adrenalin kicks in and I fire out a white evostix , strong wind behind me helps it land right in the zone . Couple turns of handle and bang ! rod hoops over and real starts singing , magic . Awesome scrap and I land a stunning 56 cm bass , absolute porker , had to be 5lb , what a start ! Few casts later im hit again , another mental scrap and its another porker just a tad smaller , not much in it , and im buzzing considering its January and the conditions . The birds leave and it goes quiet , not for long though , half hr later another hit and a much smaller fish takes the tally to three . Keeping my eye on the building storm behind me im thinking of bailing out when another fish smashes the lure , another superb scrap and its a very fat 52cm . Water started colouring quick , not that it was ever clear and rain of biblical proportions started lashing down . Enough was enough , plenty of chances for some more I reckon , down here in the Dorset riviera . Was a better session for stamp of fish than most of 2015 for me , wouldnt dream of luring this spot in a nornal January , but this winter seems far from normal ....Headed home a very happy chap indeed ....
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nice fishing rod great conditioned fish to ,ive still to catch on my evostix
but dont realy give them ,or my other softs that much water time.
i must make the effort this year though
but very nice to see a few decent fish.

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Superb result, simply superb !:cool:
This would be a good result in October... but January!?!?:confused:

Top fishing Rod ... and nicely done!:)

Ain't this the wierdest winter in Dorset for bass fishing on lures??
.....still about in numbers and really up for a fight if you nail one!

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Unbelievable, have been dreading impending hate mail,
starting this year like you finished last. That's 4 :0 in our comp:mad::mad::mad:

Still waiting for chance to get out, when I do I'll be using the evostix you sent me
which resulted in my first bass last year.

Wish I lived in easy Dorset and as close to the coast as you do.

That said, some great angling resulting in some plump silver
well deserved start to the year.

Hopefully will be able to get out towards the end of next week
and play catch up!
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Well done Rod, an excellent result. After reading Kerrdiff Lad recent reports I decided to try on Tuesday night (5 Jan) for a Dorset bass. After fishing 45 minutes hooked a bass of 39 cm on a 4 inch soft plastic shad. Five minutes later caught a reasonable sized pollack that seemed full of food. It was large enough for a meal so I cleaned it and found six silver fish which I think were sprats. Soon after the rain started and I went home pleased with my first ever January lure caught fish. Maybe the fish will stay around until the bait move on.
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