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My name is Tagman, some call me Andy. I have been reading WSF forums for some time now and have found many of the tips and hints very helpful indeed (Cheers to you all!). So I finally made the decision to join and pass on some of my experiences to you all. I consider myself an all rounder fishing freshwater, saltwater and fly. I consider saltwater fishing my weakest of all three disaplines. I spent two years living in Devon and the fishing was fantastic. I consider fishing marks off north Norfolk a little more tricky. I fished about 8 times this winter mainly off Weyborne and Salthouse with only a few whiting and micro cod to show. The most exciting moment was reversing my car into the **** that runs down the drive leading to Salthouse car park. It happened at about 11pm and with no-one else fishing and no signal on my phone i was in a spot of bother. I eventually managed to get the help of a farmer who pulled me out with his landrover (i dont know why I didnt phone the AA) on pulling my car out this kind farmer managed to break my drive shaft resulting in a £600 repair bill and a further two hour wait for the AA tow truck to turn up. I left at about 2am, fishless i might add. Summer brings my favourite species to our shores mackeral, mullet and bass. So if anyone gets wind of the first mackeral coming out me and my BBQ would love to hear about it.
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