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Hello from south west Ireland

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I was referred to this site by Mike Thrussell, I had the pleasure of angling with him yesterday upon the Anchorsiveen from Cahirsiveen, Co.Kerry.

Everyone had a great days fishing, three specimen bluemouth haddock and a cuckoo wrasse were brought onboard, one bluemouth by myself which also happened to be my first specimen, I won't give away any more details as Mike will soon be writing up an article on it.

As things worked out I also had a conger hunt competition today with Kells Bay Angling Club which I won with 7 conger, my last conger was caught in the last minute of the competition, putting me in the lead, as I was tied by another angler the minute before that. One conger was the biggest fish I've caught thus far, must have been thirty pounds, which is large for the grounds, we were fishing in small boats and shallow water.

It's been my best two days angling ever. Hoping for more to come.
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Welcome to the forum, just read the report from your trip out with Mike, sounds like you all had a good day out, lovely fish those Bluemouth.
I fish out of Coonana quite often, I'm one of the guilty ones not fishing down the middle as well, mind you the last 2 trips I have gone straight down off Valentia, I will give it a try sometime especially if there is a chance of an Undulate, have you studied the Infomar files that are available now for the Bay? it's opened up a load of new areas to fish that I had no idea were down there, incredible detail as well.
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