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hi lads, plan on fishing cai bach Ceredigion tmoz in search of some huss. coming from about 90 minutes away in tenby. so any help, tips and advice would be much appreciated. is it all clean ground? can I bring a trolley onto the beach? cheers x

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all i know is the farther you can cast the better the reef is a fair way out.

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You can walk down a tarmac path then across.about 50 yards of uneven ground
The beach depending what time you get there? There are wooden groins/ breaks similar too the ones on the Kent Coast once the tide drops enough you. Have a clear run up the beach with a trolley then?
The High water mark are pebbles then onto clear sand
I normally stroll up and fish in front of the concrete stack?
But most of the other lads that fish there keep going right up too the cliffs?
The ground here can produce high tackle loss?
But usually produced the. Bigger Huss?
Anywhere before that is generally clean sandy ground with minimal patchy stones?
Hope this helps? And good luck on your quest tomorrow
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