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Hi all
I've finally got the chance to fish on Sunday & monday but am unsure where to go.
My tally so far this year is one codling but that's mainly because I've only been once this year.
I'm keen to try the knapp but am not sure how to get there.
I'm also keen to try Ogmore deeps & also try a flattie rod in the Ogmore estuary.
Could anyone give me guidance as to how to get to the Knapp & also what times they would recomend for the above venues for fishing daytime sunday & Monday.
Manny thanks in advance.
{I'm actually excited about the prospect of catching a dogfish!!!}
best wishes
:clap3: :clap3:
Hi brolly go onto WWW.THEE AA, will see a route planner maps and directions click on that put in where you lke to go and it tells you all you need as to fishing your best bet would be the deeps mate as to rigs pulleys and up and overs bait stay to fiah ones dude tight lines
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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