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Hello :) I'm Sara, I'm very new and my fishing knowledge is limited... Hence the cry for advice.
My boyfriend and me are on holiday in wembury this week, he loves fishing, but he's from New Zealand so hasn't fished UK shores successfully yet. Any advice or rough locations would be insanely appreciated, we're not fussy as to what we catch, I just want him to have a good time and if he gets something for dinner then that's great too :)

I know it's meant to rain all week (typical) does this mean the fishing will be affected?

What are some good locations?

If anyone in the area wanted a fishing companion for the day he'd probably love that, his dad used to teach him in nz and he misses that I think. Literally anyone would be a better fishing companion than me anyway... I complain about the cold too much and get bored very easily haha.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)
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