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Hi All,
The ceramic guide in the rod tip eye broke on my shakespeare 12ft tele. I've got a new one off ebay, it's the tube type that slides on the end of the rod and is held on with glue. The tube size is the same as the one already on but the outside diameter of the new one is 14mm and the original is 17.5 mm.

Q1. Does it really matter about the OD or will this one be ok to fit?

Q2 How do I remove the old one as it's stuck fast with glue!

Just out of interest does anybody know why we have big eyes at the bottom of the rod decreasing in size to the top?
Many thanks for your help,

Hey Fella,

The new tip ring will be fine providing you can work with the internal diameter of the new ring (sounds fine to me).

Quickly heat the tube of the old tip ring (3 secs - direct flame) and grip the sleeve with pliers and pull it off, be very careful not to overheat the sleeve as you do not want to damage the blank underneath (heat damage can lead to a loss of tip section later).

Cut some shards of hot melt glue and put them in the tube of the new ring, heat the sleeve to melt the glue and slide on, check alignment and wipe off any excess....job done.

The bigger rings at the bottom are there to gobble the large coils as they come off the reel, the rings then get progressively smaller to straighten out the line.

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